Jaguh Arena: Official Nike ball unveiled

Official Nike ball unveiled

Nike has launched their new Nike T90 Seitiro ball for this season's Barclays Premier League.

The T90 Seitiro features NIKE RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology to give players unrivalled touch and feel and ensure the ball goes exactly where they want it to every time - as Sergio Aguero demonstrated with his stunning long-range strike for Manchester City in the 4-0 win over Swansea City. Click here to view the launch video.

The distinctive and eye-catching design allows players to see the ball better and capitalise on split second scoring and passing opportunities. They are able to rapidly and intuitively spot the ball anywhere on the pitch thanks to the T90 Seitiro ball's casing colour, graphic design and contrast.


Tested by some of the world's best players including Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney, the T90 Seitiro's touch, aerodynamic stability and Nike RaDaR technology make it the best ball on the planet, building on a legacy of excellence in the T90 football range that is well established as the official match ball in the world's leading leagues including the Barclays Premier League, Italy's Serie A and La Liga in Spain.

Features include:

1. Micro-textured hand-stitched TPU casing for great touch and durability
2. Nike RaDaR technology performance graphic for a strong visual signal
3. A 360 degree sweet spot distributes pressure evenly across panels
4. Optimal sphericity allows the ball to fly faster, farther and more accurately than other balls
5. Flexible, cross-linked Nitrogen-expanded foam for shape retention and durability
6. Six-wing carbon-latex bladder for explosive acceleration off of the foot
7. Designed to FIFA's approved specifications, weighing between 420-445g, and with a circumference of between 68.5-69.5cm.

The Nike T90 Seitiro will be used throughout the season in the Barclays Premier League and is now available at retailers worldwide and at www.nikestore.com. For more information on the new ball visit www.nikemedia.com.